Bouquet of the Month Award

started November 2016


After talking with teachers and observing some less than stellar behavior among our dancers, I decided to institute an Awards Program that would HOPEFULLY…..

 >  improve student behavior and attitude   >  create a healthy competition among our dancers in Grades K – 12th    >  encourage genuine observation of self and peers     >  instill cooperative behavior      

 >  enrich the life of the winning dancer 

and her fellow dancers.  


 The Objectives:

>  have a positive impact on the behavior of our dancers

>  learn how peers view each other

>  inspire students to improve their commitment to dance

>  inspire dancers to be responsible citizens

The Process:

Teachers vote for 4 dancers based on 7 criteria

Students vote for 2 dancers based on 4 criteria

Each Teacher Vote counts for 2 points

Each Student Vote counts for 1 point

In the case of a tie, both dancers will receive Award.


The winner receives:

A large bouquet of flowers

Their photo displayed on the wall and then in an album kept in the library in the DG waiting room.


Teacher Voting Criteria

Vote for 4 dancers in Grades K – 12th who:

1) demonstrate good class etiquette 

2) have good listening skills 

3) show initiative in class 

4) inspire fellow classmates

5) practice at home 

6) are caring of other dancers

7) volunteer or assist without being asked

Students in K– 12th Grade Voting Criteria

Vote for 2 dancers in Grades K  – 12th who:

1) demonstrate good class etiquette 

2) have good listening skills

3) inspire fellow classmates 

4) are caring of other dancers

Congratulations to our 2016-2019 Winners: