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Dance Gear  For Sale!

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Revolution Dancewear

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Emergency PARENT phone number at the Dance Garden



This number will remain on at all times and all Teachers have been instructed to stop teaching and answer that phone. Find what else this number can be used for...


Emergency Information!


Studio Parent Emergency Phone: 

(every teacher has been instructed to answer this phone)      

(415) 716-3433      


The business phone (415) 377-2351 is NOT answered during class time.


In case of a Fire or Earthquake:  

(every teacher has been instructed to follow this plan) 

NOTE:  Teachers + Students will LEAVE THE BUILDING,  proceed WEST +  cross 23rd Ave, proceed NORTH + cross Geary Blvd.  We will be standing in front of St Monica’s church.  I will carry the business AND emergency phones with me.  Teachers will carry the emergency phone wih them.


Infant/Toddler  Classes

for babies 6-36 months (w/ Caregiver)


Our unique Infant/Toddler Class called "Dancing with Baby" meets 11AM on TU & FR  

There is plenty of research to prove that constructive, repetitive

movement aids in the development in the mind and body of babies as young as 3 months old. 

Lively music, props, songs - all aid in making this class enjoyable for baby and caregiver.





    ..........................on  a SUNDAY !!