Marian Roth-Cramer 

Ms Marian

Studio Director 


Childrens Dance Program
Adult FIT Program

Marian Roth-Cramer (Ms. Marian) is the Director of Ms. Marian’s Dance Garden.  She has a BA in Theatre & Dance from

Barat College -outside Chicago- and an MFA cum laude in Dance & Choreography from Mills College, Oakland, CA. She has completed 2 years work towards her Masters in Dance Therapy.  


Ms. Marian recently left San Francisco's Richmond District YMCA, where she created the Children’s Dance Program and led it for 12 years.  She brought her performance-focused dance philosophy to the program, allowing the young dancers many opportunities to perform on some of the best stages in San Francisco.


Ms. Marian is also known for her innovative class:  Creative Movement for Infants and Toddlers, and their caregivers, (now called Dancing with Baby) designing this program on her own child.  “I had an extensive education in learning how to teach dance to children in studio and academic settings. Now, I had the chance to “experiment,” so to say, on my own baby! What I learned was that babies had the ability to learn movement and then repeat that movement much earlier than I knew possible. Once I saw that, my class for other moms and their babies, had the same results. I changed my understanding of exactly how children learned to move their bodies and their ability to remember movement patterns.”


Ms. Marian’s 30+year career in dance includes performing with and directing Nevá Russian Dance Ensemble for 10 years.  The company danced locally, toured nationally and was chosen to perform for an internationally televised event at the Olympics in Korea. 


As an Artist-in-Residence, she taught dance to nearly 25,000 San Francisco elementary school students.  


Her book “Creative Movement for Young Children" has been used, since 1980, by dance specialists and elementary school teachers who want PE alternatives for their classes.


Ms. Marian believes in nurturing the whole child through a dance experience.  Included in the offerings at the Dance Garden are classes in Sewing and Dance Tech &  Production.  “I always tell my students that there are many benefits to studying dance as a child. You may not become a professional dancer; maybe you will earn a living in an auxiliary trade: a costume designer, a technician, a corps dancer for Disney! Or not! But, one thing for will always have a deep understanding of the art form and become respectful and amazing funders, supporters and audience members. And then, one day….your children will dance and the cycle will begin again!”


Ms Marian teaches all the Pre K classes, Ballet I, Dance & Theatre Production, Intro to Dance for Grades K/1, Dance Technique for Grades 1-3, Intermediate Dance, School TOUR, Advance Dance and Produces the annual Recitals.


Ms Marian teaches Pilates Reformer Private and couples in the Adult FIT Program.