The Carmen Elizabeth Liehe Memorial Fund announces its next fundraising event....


The Carmen Elizabeth Liehe Memorial Fund was created with the blessings of her wonderful parents, Cliff and Chris, who were very active when Carmen danced with me at the Y for 5 of her 10 years. Her parents were amazing volunteers - upbeat and dedicated to the success of each Y Recital Carmen danced in, the Children's Dance Program at the Y and amazingly, the first days of the Dance Garden, even though Carmen did not dance here! (Cliff painted 90% of the 2nd floor and Chris produced our OPEN HOUSE flyer, personally posting it up and down Geary.)

Cliff and Chris were the role models of this amazing little girl who mirrored their kindness and spirit! She was taken from us too early, but, her legacy will remain.

Her parents have agreed to 3 fundraisers in Carmen's name to conclude by the end of DEC/2014 so that by JAN/2015 ALL DANCE GARDEN STUDENTS WILL HAVE A NEW PAIR OF BALLET SLIPPERS! "A gift from my sweet little girl," said Chris.

The first "Carmen" Fundraiser event was a RAFFLE at our Annual Recital  May 31st, which netted $225. 

The next will be the sale of ORIGINAL, hand painted Dance Garden flower pots planted with healthy, long living succulents.  The work will be done by our own star, Samantha Chang, who danced with me for 10 years and is off to college in OCT.  Samantha designed our two unique logos, the mural in the Studio and joined me in painting the garden leading upstairs! 

Your donation of $25 will  help us reach our $1500 goal!  Only 30 pots will be made.

Our next and final fundraser will be edible gifts for your holiday enjoyment!  Check back here for the next announcement!

Know that these events will ultimately benefit your dancer and will keep alive the memory of Carmen Elizabeth Liehe!

-  Ms Marian