End of Fall Semester 2014 Holiday Schedule + Announcements– SEE NEWS!


TU/Nov 11th – NO 11 am Infant/Toddler class

                        Afternoon classes WILL TAKE PLACE

                        Evening classes WILL TAKE PLACE


TH/Nov 20th –SUN/Nov 30th – Early Bird Registration for Spring 2015 classes…pay by DEC 1st  and take an additional 10% off  your tuition total….in addition to the current 10% multiple class or multiple children discounts already offered at the Dance Garden!  Classes resume MON/Jan 5th.  Schedule will be the same except for SAT/2:30-4PM class becomes Intermediate Dance for  2nd – 5th graders – to enter, dancer must have had minimum of 2 years study with Ms Marian


TU/Nov 25th  – SUN/NOV 30th  - Dance Garden will be closed for Thanksgiving Holiday


SAT/DEC 13th – Annual School TOUR My Simple Humble Neighborhood Preview Performances in the Studio!  4PM & 5PM open to all!  Free admission; donation for popcorn and drinks!

Cheer your fellow dancers on as they prepare for their TOUR 2014 starting 9AM on MON/Dec 15th to Claire Lilienthal Elementary – Scott Campus; 9AM on TU/Dec 16th to Lafayette Elementary; 9AM on WED/Dec 17th to Argonne Elementary.


MON/Dec 15th – SAT/Dec 20th –  Year End Class Demonstrations and Holiday Parties in ALL CLASSES! Invite your family and friends to observe what your dancer has learned!  Each dancer is asked to bring a cheery snack for the celebration following their class demonstration!  Please remember, the Dance Garden is a NUT-FREE ZONE!!


MON/Dec 15th – SAT/Dec 20th – Fundraiser #3 for Ballet Slippers for all!

Items will be ready for pick up this week.

Check the wall file for descriptions and order forms!

Pre-Order your holiday cookie tins and gifts for your teachers and friends-

home-made goodness!

Pre-Order your Ballet Bunny sewn by our own Sewing Bees!








The Dance Garden’s 2nd Annual Dance Recital – 



WHEN:             SUN, MAY 24 1PM  

WHERE:           Richmond Rec Center – 251- 18th Ave  between Clement &                               California

ENTER:         18th Ave/ follow the balloons and sign; enter through glass                             doors, turn R;  Stage on right

PARKING:       Spaces inside the Rec Center gates, will be reserved for DG Teachers, Tech Director, Hair & Makeup Coordinators, PAC, and set-up volunteers.    


Please carpool, use street parking or one of 3 lots in the neighborhood (18th Ave; Clement; Geary) OK to DRIVE UP/DROP OFF your dancer; audience; seniors, disabled.




           THANK YOU for your love and dedication to your peers and fellow DG families!

           The Recital is the time your dancer can demonstrate what they’ve learned and to bring JOY to their family and friends!                     Dancing in costume, hair and makeup; on a stage before an audience is as close to a professional experience we can offer. 

            Thank you for allowing your dancer to experience this unique art form!  - MM




1. If you have an urgent question: email me at: dancegardensf@gmail.com or text me at 415-377-2351

2. If you need general Recital info, check our website at: www.dancegardesf.com  and go to our DGFAM page (Dance Garden Family page) – soon to be set up!  -  PASSWORD:  mmdg2015  (for Ms Marian Dance Garden 2015)

3.  If you need info about your dancer’s class’ dance, costume, hair,. makeup; I will be assembling the CLASS REPs soon and they can help you.





1.  In keeping with the Memorial Day Weekend mood, our theme will be A Dance Garden Picnic   We will sell boxed lunches (hotdogs, fried chicken, chips, slaw) Pink lemonade and root beer; Cupcakes and old fashioned bundt cakes - for sale and raffled!  Box Lunches  $?

2.  With each participation fee, you will receive two free entrance tickets.  Additional entrance tickets $5/advance; $10/door. 

3.   There will be 3 – 4 raffle pulls;  Raffle Tickets: $2/ea or 6/$10

4.  Intermediate and Advanced dancers will be assigned a time to do a run-through on stage with their Teacher.

5.   Each age group will be assigned an hour to get HAIR AND MAKEUP done by our talented Volunteer Coordinators and PAC members.  You will receive emails from then directly. 




 1. For those who are new to Recitals and Performances – I believe in the Performance experience for all dancers, no matter what the age or skill level.  Everyone can dance!   Dance comes from the heart.    Dance Recitals come from parent volunteers and their financial support!   We cannot do this without your ideas, labor, encouragement and financial contributions!

2. I am producing this event on a VERY SHORT Timeline and have exhausted my savings.  I will email each family an Invoice.  (Your fees go to: theatre rental, insurance, required deposits, costumes, props, printed program, teachers’ salaries, and more.)

3. Please pay by CC, check or cash by your next class.  The online Credit Card PAY BUTTON is finally working!

4. Fees are the same as last year:

1 dancer:  $75      2nd dancer in family: + $65      3rd dancer in family:  + $55    


Each Participation Fee includes 2 ENTRANCE TICKETS and 1 FOOD TICKET




1.  Each class will have unique costumes, for the one or two dances they will perform with their classmates.   The costumes are BORROWED (for those coming from other studios..this is a huge savings)

2.  Each dancer will list their costume pieces + sign a COSTUME CONTRACT: rules of borrowing & caring for a costume.  (I have used this method to teach all ages about responsibility and respect for 25 years.)

3.  Costumes and all appropriate pieces/props will be packed into a LARGE bag labeled with dancer’s FIRST name & LAST initial. 

4.   Dancers will receive costume bags at your last class starting the week of SAT 5/16

5. Costume Deposit:  $50 per dancer due BEFORE you receive costume bag;  CHECK OR CASH ONLY.  You get this back when costumes are returned.  

6.  Your costumes MUST be returned in the bag they came in, after the Recital.  You must return them to an assigned Coordinator who will check them against the contract and return your deposit. 

RETURN OPTIONS: After Recital at REC CENTER OR after M-F after Recital at DANCE GARDEN (Times will be posted on website)





1. This important document lists your dancer’s name and dance number and is a great item for the memory box! PROOFREAD your dancer’s name in the INVOICE I will send.  If you seen an error, contact me immediately.  Deadline: May16th

2.  Please consider purchasing a Business ad for $25!  Or, purchase a personal greeting to your dancer for $10.  Forms in the waiting room wall kiosk.  DUE SAT, May 16th.




1.  The official 2015 Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) are:  Elizabeth Baker Chang (Serena); Sarah Chuck (Tristan & Addison); Yunny Tai (Elizabeth & Patrick); Nancy Keizer Cohen (Jaxi & Ione) and a warm welcome to Joanne Leong (Gabriella).  These women keep me informed of any parent issues, assist with fee recommendations, and are the first to tell me if something works, or doesn’t!  You will see them at the Recital doing more demanding and sensitive jobs, (money transactions, selling, Coordinator jobs, etc.)

 2.  The JOBS list will be posted on the bulletin board and our website.  However, if you have the time and talent, please consider being a Coordinator!   You will oversee a group of volunteers to get the job done! If you would prefer to make a donation instead of volunteer to work, the DG is not a non-profiit, however I can give you the EIN#

3.  SUNDAY WORK DAYS!   Starting May 3rd, I will be at the DG from 11AM – 7PM working on costumes, props, etc etc.  If you are able to attend and can lend a hand sewing, painting, assembling, call me!  We would appreciate your help!

4.  Raffle donations:  If you have an item that is Dancer Specific, please let me know.  Successful Raffle donations of the past have been kid or family friendly.  Max value: $50




1.   Do you own a great camera and can take some posed or action shots?  Please let me know!   This year I would like to take some shots in the Studio and before and during the show. 

2.    We are on the hunt for a videographer who would sell the completed DVD to our families.  If you are interested in purchasing a DVD, complete a form found in the waiting room wall kiosk.  




1.  Because we are having a celebration atmosphere at the Recital and our last dance class is SAT, May 23rd, there will be no cast party this year.  SORRY!







FEE                                  Amount                     DUE DATE


Participation Fee          1@$75  2@$140  3@$195      upon Receipt of Invoice


Costume Deposit                   $50/dancer                         week of 5/16


Extra Tickets                        $5/advance                    last day to buy 5/23


Business Ad                               $25                                       5/16


Personal Ad                                $10                                      5/16


DVD Purchase                              TBD                                     TBD                                                                                           







MAY 3 

Mica F, Amanda F,

Elizabeth BC, Jaxi C,

Ione C, Diane S.

Esther P





TU - May 5th

 Joanne L, Gabriella L,

Esther P, Amanda F, 

      Kidan F


SUN - May 10th

Joanne L, Tracy B, Kidan F, Joanne DiG, Connie L, Yunny T, Elizabeth O'D, Diane S,

Jennifer T


WEEK OF MAY 11th & MAY18th

Tristan K, Diane S, Veronica F, Elizabeth O'D, Joanne DiG, Michelina F, Amanda F,

Calthea M, Jaxi C,