Sandra Mineyev


Adult FIT Program 

Shar Qui ™ Belly Dance Workout


The Shar Qui ™ method is for everyone - no matter your dance or fitness level.


Shar Qui™ is a structured, challenging, Egyptian-styled technique fused with a cardio workout.  Considered “Urban” and aerobic, this class gets your heart pumping, feeds the soul, and celebrates the body!


“Shake your beauty with SharQui!” ™  Created by dance teacher Oreet, Shar Qui™  is fast becoming a new and popular workout for the technical dancer on both coasts!


DG Instructor, Sandra has been dancing since she was a little girl and has dabbled in a variety of different dance styles. She began belly dancing two years ago and fell in love with this art form. Sandra has studied with several Belly Dance teachers in the Bay Area, including Oreet,  and now performs solo and with the troupe: Urban Mirage. 


Sandra is excited to create an atmosphere filled with excitement and joy. She hopes her  students will experiene non-verbal self-expression and the celebration of life through the art of movement - specifically, Shar Qui ™