Why dance for Infants & Toddlers?

Infant/Toddler Program at the Dance Garden

Dancing with Baby

Research has proven the benefits of structured activities for healthy infant brain development.

First Five highlights language: read, sing, talk to your infant!

Studies at the U of Wisconsin/Madison suggest more!

Structured movement and exercises should be performed daily starting at 6 weeks old!

Ms Marian designed a movement program for our early learners over 20 years ago! Hundreds of children have passed through her program!

To the satisfaction of their parents, these babies developed a trust and confidence in their body’s performance, agility and strength earlier than their peers. And, most obstacles in a child's physical development is easily addressed and resolved during this time.

Some students continued on with a successful dance career, mastered complex musical instruments or excelled in sports.

We all strive to have our children live happy lives with the ability to communicate without frustration. Movement is the first form of expression!

Why not learn some tools to communicate and develop a bond with your baby through the use of movement and exercise!

I/T Classes at the Dance Garden:

>introduces to caregiver + baby, new and fun movement exercises + activities that can be repeated at home;

>stimulates baby’s brain to learn, memorize & repeat movement and exercises;

> focuses on fine and gross motor, space relationships and timing & effort, through dance, tumbling, exercise, music, song, work with props, partnering and other fun experientials!

>creates opportunities for social interaction;

>allows for bonding with caregiver;

>introduces caregiver to ideas and concepts that will help maximize baby's MAGICAL LEARNING TIME – YEARS 0-5


What to wear in Class:

Caregivers: Please wear comfy clothes

Babies: (onesies are best!)

Pre-walkers: comfy clothes; no zippers, no tops and bottoms that separate; sox with treads;

Walkers: comfy clothes, no clothes that separate, no zippers or tight pants; sox with treads;


The DG is on a high 2nd floor....Use stroller or a snuggly! You may “park” your stroller on the landing. Ask for assistance, please!!

Infant/Toddler Program Fees

choose either day or visit as many times as you like!

> Purchase a FIT Card

$15/class drop in

12 classes ($12.50/class) for $150

Insurance Fee

(mandatory liability coverage AFTER 1 time trial class)

Each child/caretaker pair: $40 annual payment at time of Registration

Please complete:



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