TOUR  2014 Update




Congratulations to all the dancers, their parents and the DG staff who assisted throughout the journey of



and performance!


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If your child likes to perform and her current dance situation does not give her enough stage time,  consider the Dance Garden! 

Ms Marian has developed a performance focused curriculum for dancers of all ages!


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For dancers in grades 1-8; meets SATs, 2:30-4:00PM

For 11 years, I have been producing a unique and challenging activity for my dance students. 


            Starting in September of a new school year, my dance students in grades K-8th, audition for a part in a 20 min original or re-worked story ballet or musical.  I assign parts and we rehearse 2 hours a week until the last week before school’s Winter break.  During that week, we take our show to as many elementary schools that we can book.  We call this TOUR and it is the closest experience of a professional dancer’s life that I can offer my students!  They love it!


            Teachers and schools like our shows because they are unique in another way:  they are children performing FOR children!  The shows are inspiring for the young audience members watching and they boost the performance level of my young dancers! 


            DANCE  teaches --- self-discipline, strength and flexibility of mind and body; team work;  self-confidence and an alternative way to deal with the stressors of life.  TOUR teaches --- to be prepared daily for a new performance venue and  audience; to expand your artistry so your performance is fresh each day; ways to commit 100% to yourself and your fellow artists.  


            This year, during the week of DEC 15, my dancers will TOUR  “My Simple Humble Neighborhood” an original show I choreographed based on the Carole King/Maurice Sendak gem, Really Rosie!


            The charming musical, Really Rosie! is a compilation of several Sendak books, brought alive in 1975 with the music of Carole King.  Sendak based the story on a little girl he grew up with in Brooklyn, who did shows all summer on her  building's front step!


            As with all Sendak books, there are life lessons to be learned.  Combined with the wit and charm of King’s music, the dancers teach things as basic as the ABCs, numbers 1 thru 10, months of the year…to the wonder of sharing ideas and creating magic with friends!



  MON, DEC 15th -  9AM - Claire Lilienthal / Scott Campus

  MON, DEC 15th  -  10:15AM - Claire Lilienthal / Madison Campus

  TU,  DEC 16th –  9AM  -  Lafayette Elementary School

  WED, DEC 17th – 9AM – Argonne Elementary School


For more info:  Contact Ms Marian at 415-377-2351