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News from Ms Marian - October 24th

Hello DG Families and Friends....


I want to thank all those who attended our 10th Anniversary Birthday Party on SAT/OCT 14th and those who donated their $20/family fee although were unable to attend.

We are a small business, now with higher monthly bills as we NOW HAVE the ENTIRE 2nd floor (minus Phil's junk room...which Landlord Bill promises will be empty one day soon - HA!).

BUT..HOORAY for the DG and all the dancers who call this their 2nd home!

The Party was a blast and jammed packed;

the dancing was AMAZING!

the Raffle Prizes IMPRESSIVE;

the new Teachers + Classes were warmly welcomed;

the pizza was YUMMY from local Geary Blvd pizzaria...Donaro's;

and the cupcakes were the topper of the night!


NEW PARKING on I have been notifying you all for many, many months, we now have a re-configured Geary Blvd. We did get 2 Passenger DROP OFF Zones in front, (which I will request the hours be changed from 5-8 to 4-8).

Only one complaint so far, but, to make things easier for our DG families, if you drive over.....PLEASE DROP OFF your dancer and watch them enter...if the sign is out WE ARE HERE!

After class: Your dancer will be sitting at the bottom steps looking out the glass door and you can PICK HER UP without coming in/upstairs...unless we do an end of class show, in which case we will advise the week before. OK to TEXT 415-377-2351 if you want confirmation your dancer is ready to go and/or you are waiting out in front


NEW EVENING CLASSES NOW!! see attached flyers

Please come or SHARE with your friends that the DG NOW HAS EVENING CLASSES for Teens/Adults! This is NEW!

MON: Ballet Fitness - 7-8:30pm Stretch! Strengthen!

TU: Partner Dancing - 7:30-9pm Wedding dances! Club dances! come with a partner or NOT




Mr Welsh has offered to teach TAP for Teens/Adults and a class for Parents/Daughters!

ZUMBA Exercise/Dance Class taught by Ms Kiki

Daddy/Daughter BALLROOM class taught by Mr Marcus in time for Spring dances at school!

See SPRING/2024 schedule to be posted mid-November


Now that we have all the rooms upstairs, I will NOW be able to have a decent, SECURE office at the end of the hall! To make this happen I NEED HELP!

DG Tetris WORK DAY will be SUNDAY, NOV 19th - all move the furniture/files from Studio 1 office to new office; move Pilates Machines, costume racks and boxes to Studio 3; to complete the Marley flooring and Sound System set up in Studio 2 and hopefully to get into and EMPTY Phil's junkroom to set up for a 2nd changing room so the bathroom can really be a bathroom! Lunch provided...all ages and strengths invited....PLEASE SIGN UP on the hallway wall.


We have been invited by SF SYMPHONY to FREE CONCERTS again! Please check the hallway wall for the dates. EMAIL your Concert choice date + NUMBER of attendees and I will forward this info to the symphony. THEY WILL CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY IF TIX ARE AVAILABLE. A real treat!!!! And we are grateful!


We are starting to work on the Dance Garden Performing Arts Center downstairs. I am looking for 6 DG parents who have experience in

Non-Profit status,

Grant Writing,

Architectural planning,


Real Estate experience,

or just plain INTEREST on behalf of your dancer's FUTURE at the DG.

We need to meet with me and the Landlord between 9am-11am on a MON, TU, or TH within the first 2 weeks of NOV.

PLEASE send your name and date choice. Thank you .

>> It will take a lot of DG families to make this happen without it costing a ton of money. I have been dreaming of this for years. I would like this space to be a community source - combination dance studio and performing space, where the DG families can benefit the most. We can do a performance every weekend and make this a performing arts space focused on CHILDREN and CHILDREN's ARTISTIC EXPRESSION! This is unheard of in San Francisco or even in California! Let's make this happen!! Again, those who have known me for YEARS know that I have never chosen MONEY as the objective of my efforts teaching dance to children in San Francisco since 1980. I own nothing but a 10 year old car. So, as I am reaching my 70th birthday in DEC I am asking for support to make this project happen as a non-profit for the benefit of the community and our children. We have a great opportunity and the time is now.

Look forward to your responses.


Happy Halloween....stay safe! We will have our annual HALLOWEEN HOUSE up for dancers to receive their DG treats during their class time between WED/OCT 25 - TU/OCT 31! Don't miss it! Please remember: all missed classes should be MADE UP in a similar level class. You have until MON/Dec 18th to make up any missed classes.

We still have Halloween costumes for sale...$1/each! ASK!


Ms Nika has done an amazing job on our WEBSITE! PLEASE check it out OFTEN for up to date info...and SHARE it with your friends. We can build our participation numbers if our current DG families talk up our wonderful Dance Studio to others!

Thank you, again, dear DG Families, for your continued support of the Dance Garden! Tell a friend...

SPRING/2024 Class Schedule will be posted in mid November!


Ms Nika

Mr Welsh

Mr. Marcus

and our great dance helpers and assistants!

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