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Tech Updates at the DG

We're flying through the semester towards the holidays, hope you had a wonderful Halloween eve! There are a few new things the DG has been working on behind the scenes...

1. We have an INSTAGRAM! Follow @dancegardensf for photos and videos from class plus updates from Ms Nika and the advanced students. Please send us anything we can feature on the page, such as photos of your dancers and their artwork, or something that shows the joy that dancing and creating brings them. We'd love to have lots to share with all of you and anyone that comes across our page.

2. We are starting a BLOG! From now on DG updates will be posted on the blog on our website and all parents will be added to a mailing list; you'll receive an email with a short blurb when we post something new.

All blog posts will be available on the DG MEMBERS tab on our website, just input the PASSCODE: dgdg2013

The DGMembers tab is also where we'll post videos from shows and other content we only want currently enrolled families to see.

3. Help us get the word out on Yelp and write us a 2-3 sentence review! We have lots of new classes and with that, potential students, and we would benefit from having some fresh takes. We would REALLY appreciate your help as we grow our studio!!!



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